Horace Andy - Exclusively,Solid Groove Records 1982 MP3/Flac

Every voice is like a fingerprint. Unique in every way, how many

people do we have in this world ? Every one's different. Horace

Andy is blessed with a vocal instrument you can recognize from

thousands. Clear and bright with his special tremble, I love it.

This LP is recorded at Wackie House of Music, New York and

I must say producer Lloyd Barnes did a hell of a job, what great

sound. Songs like 'Stop the Fuss' and 'Eating mess' are dj tracks

I treasure since 1982. English formation 'Massive Attack' asked

Horace to participate on their album 'Blue Lines' in 1991, I added

the song 'Hymn of the big wheel' as a bonustrack, enjoy.


1 Bob lives on

2 Stop the fuss

3 Love him

4 Good will survive

5 Take it easy

6 Eating mess

7 Musical episode

8 Live in the city

9 Live in unity

10 Lonely woman


11 Massive Attack - Hymn of the big wheel