Chief Stephen Osita Osadebe - Onye Bili-Ibeya Ebili,Polydor POLP 058, 1981 MP3/Flac

An album a day keeps the doctor away. It becomes like a

kind of therapy after a while. Not posting is no option, it

feels like my day is not complete and leaves a big hole.

So first I pick an LP, I record and rip it and then I need to

make a solid picture of front and back-cover. Okay, all done.

But next after uploading the files I must write a few lines.

Anything useful to say about the album? Chief Stephen Osita

Osadebe's albums are always good, no doubt. The most important

is listening to them. So I wont keep you up any longer, get it and

play it. ..oh, and screw my writing, sucks..


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2 Morning Star Social Club