l'UnitГ© Africaine vol.1 - Various Artists,PathГ© Marconi / EMI 1978 MP3/Flac

I'm gonna tell you straight away, posting this album is a kind

of compromise. It contains a few things I would not post when

standing on it's own. Nigerian reggae for instance, I think reggae

should be from Jamaica. And how about rock and roll sung in

wolof from Senegal. As a whole however I think it's kind of funny.

The collector also contains some typical African styles, like on

the b-side, sweet benga by Victoria King's Jazz for instance.

It's a 1978 selection made by Blaise Fayette Mikano who used

to do a great job for PathГ© Marconi. I think this LP with songs from

1975, 1977 and 1978 gives us a unique view on Africa's taste

during the late seventies, listen and tell me what you think.


1 Sonny Okosun - Rain

2 Konn-Konn - Sagak-sagak

3 Abeti Masikini - Mwana muke wa miso

4 M'baye Abdoul - Soko bouge

5 M'baye Abdoul - Douces douces filles

6 Victoria King's Jazz - Rieko Magftich

7 Trio Ce.Pa.Kos - No title

8 Kouka Celestin - Veve na linga

9 Pamelo Mounk'a – Mabeyey