Justo Betancourt - Pa Bravo Yo,Fania Records 1972 MP3/Flac

How sweet was the sound of Fania in the early seventies ?

Larry Harlow produced this spicey slice of salsa vinyl and

I think he did very well. Sparkling Fania recording with some

great songs by Justo Betancourt, smooth voice. To break the

routine it don't hurt to have us some salsa, I should

do it more often, move your feet and wiggle your

hips to the latin beat, ..azucar..

Especially for my old buddie 'Baldrick'.

Makes me think of cafГ© de Kroeg ?


1 Pa bravo yo

2 Psicologia

3 Guajira sentimental

4 Una audiencia muerta

5 Caracas tiene su guaguanco

6 Oyeme cantar

7 Lagrimas y tristezas

8 Guaguanco 'ta moderno

9 Adios felicidad

10 Catano