Congo, Tours de Force vol. 1 - Various Artists MP3/Flac

During the past few weeks I have been going through

my Congolese files to pick out the most beautiful songs.

A proces that takes a lot of time and I ended quite some

evenings almost sleeping behind my PC. Today I am ready

to present you the first compilation. I have named them

'Congo, Tours de Force' and this is volume 1. A collection

of my very favourite tracks, hand picked for you, hope U like.

More volumes are about to follow.


1 Franco & le Tout Puissant OK Jazz - Ku kisantu kikwenda ko

2 Orchestre Conga 68 de Jonny - F.C. Dragon

3 Verckys - Nakomitunaka

4 Trio Madjesi - Photo Madjesi

5 Vicky et OK Jazz - En memoire de Bayon

6 Bavon Marie Marie & NГ©gros SuccГ©s - Libangana libumu

7 Fantastic Tchico - Mieux vaut tard que jamais

8 Orquestre Maquis du ZaГЇre - Na tango ya zala

9 Empere Bakuba - Numero Empire

10 Franco & Le Tout Puissant OK Jazz - Siluwangi wapi accordeon

11 Likembe GГ©ant - Bika nzanga