The Sundays - Black Session (1992) MP3/Flac

I downloaded this a few years ago, and thought it might interest some of you. It's only a 192 kbs rip unfortunatelly, if someone has a higher bitrate rip to share, please do.

The Sundays
France Inter, Black Session
December 15th, 1992


(00: Interview)*
01: I Won
02: Can't Be Sure
03: What Do You Think?
04: Joy
05: On Earth
06: Medicine
07: My Finest Hour
08: Here's Where The Story Ends
09: Bernard Lenoir speaking
10: More
11: Hideous Towns
(12: A Certain Someone)*

MP3 (192 kbs - 55 Mb)

* MP3 (192 kbs - 68 Mb) This different rip features an interview and one more track (of a different quality, so wether it's from the same radio session I don't know).