GRAUZONE - Die Sunrise Tapes MP3/Flac

Original recordings 1980-1982
Compilation CD Play It Again, Sam 1998

"Grauzone (German for 'grey area') was a band from Berne, Switzerland, active in the early 80s. At the end of 1979 Marco Repetto (drums) and GT (bass) left the punk band Glueams, to form together with Martin Eicher (guitar, vocals, synthesizer) a new band called Grauzone. Martin had already supported Glueams on their single Mental. They gave their first concert in March 1980 at the Club Spex in Berne. Martin's brother Stephan Eicher (guitar, synthesizer) and Claudine Chirac (saxophone) supplemented the group temporarily in live appearances and recordings. After ten concerts, four singles and an album the group split up at the end of 1982. (...) The band is most famous for their 1981 hit Eisbär, which was later covered by the French band Nouvelle Vague. The single went to #12 in Germany and #6 in Austria".

"Grauzone was a music/art project started by brothers Martin Eicher, Stephan Eicher in Switzerland circa 1978. The duo used synthesizers, light effects and super-8 film projections in their act. Publisher of punk magazine No Fun Urs Staiger helped Grauzone in the studio and they began recording numerous singles, and in 1981 they released their first and only full length title Grauzone. Undoubtedly, the group's most known track has to be Eisbär, which literally means 'Ice Bear'. It reached the top ten on the German charts shortly after it’s release. Over the years the song has been sampled and covered by numerous artists. (...) Grauzone only released their one album but they released a series of 7 inch singles over the years and in 1998 a collection called Die Sunrise Tapes was released on Play It Again Sam Records (...)".