CLOCK DVA - Buried Dreams MP3/Flac

LP Interfisch Records / Wax Trax! Records 1989
CD Interfisch Records / Wax Trax! Records 1989 with bonus tracks

"Computer hacker Adi Newton illuminates Clock DVA's impatient electro-acoustic existence. (...) Clock DVA began in 1977 as an experimental collective with two cassettes, White Souls In Black Suits and Deep Floor. The band's aesthetic took a turn into choppy noise-funk representative of the early 1980's independent music scene in England with their first album Thirst (1981) and its attendant, classic single 4 Hours. The band broke up after the album, but Newton regrouped the members in 1983 for Advantage, a creative pinnacle that cross-pollinated film noire tension, Jazz urgency, radio-friendly Funk, spoken-word sadness and formless avante-garde sound painting. Clock DVA collapsed yet again under a storm of tempers and interpersonal attacks. Newton then founded a collective called the Anti-Group which started out as a conventional Jazz/Rock/Funk sound bite outfit that has since created more experimental work. In 1988 Newton reformed DVA with Robert Baker and Dean Dennis, emphasizing digital synthesis and sampling. The resultant album Buried Dreams and its vibrant single The Hacker came out in America on Wax Trax".
(Jason Pettigrew, Alternative Press)

"Clock DVA are hacking into the mainframe, our virus is virulent. Memories lay short circuited. This energy, this electricity, this AVD, an electro-chemistry of sound. DVA are calculating a new algebra, a programme of the unseen. DVA will illuminate with phonetized apparitions a velvet realm. Hold up the sound mirror so we can see where we hide. A new reign where the hacker develops a heuristic approach, an amalgamation of technology and geist. Clock DVA the next generation are preparing for a major digital audio warfare, sound is a weapon, a sono-nuclear device. That can cut through the psychological barriers set up by the corporate systems. This is not talk of new but talk of old. Incept dates. Codes. Longevity. The future holds many shapes. DVA is one of them".
(Buried Dreams booklet notes)


Buried Dreams