VIRGINIA ASTLEY - From Gardens Where We Feels Secure MP3/Flac

LP Happy Valley Records / Rough Trade 1983
CD reissue Happy Valley Records 1989 with bonus tracks
Japanese limited edition

"Virginia Astley's solo debut (she had previously been a member of the short-lived Ravishing Beauties with Kate St. John and Nicky Holland, and played piano on her brother-in-law Pete Townshend's single Slit Skirts) is a magical piece of instrumental pop. It's too melodic to be Brian Eno-style ambient music, too involving to be new age mush, too simple and casual to fit in comfortably with the post-minimalist school of Michael Nyman, Andrew Poppy, or Wim Mertens, and too restrained to truly be pop music. Almost entirely instrumental, save for a few wordless vocals on A Summer Long Since Past, and featuring little instrumentation besides Astley's piano and some subtle woodwinds, the album is a lovely 35-minute meditation built around field recordings Astley made of the ambient sounds of the rural English countryside. This description makes the album sound much more twee and insubstantial than it actually is; however, Astley is no mere ambient noodler. These nine songs are melodically rich and varied; mood pieces in the truest sense of the term. Specifically designed to mirror the moods of an indolent summer day (the sides of the original LP were even marked 'morning' and 'afternoon'), From Gardens Where We Feel Secure is a dreamy, involving, and occasionally even fascinating listen".
(Stewart Mason, All-Music Guide)

"Evoking images of summer afternoons in the countryside, From Gardens Where We Feel Secure is, superficially at least, soothing sonic wallpaper. Except for a few syllables, it's entirely instrumental, consisting basically of piano, flute, clarinet and tape loops. Upon closer scrutiny, the tapes (animal sounds, church bells, etc.) build subliminal tension: there's more to Ms. Astley than initially meets the ear".
(David Sheridan, Trouser Press)


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