THE WORLDS OF LOVE - The Worlds of Love MP3/Flac

LP Review Records 1989
CD reissue Review Records 2000 with bonus tracks

"The Worlds of Love was formed as a collaborative project, dedicated to performing love songs and improvised pieces that bridge the gap between chaos and romance (is there a gap?). Together, The Worlds of Love creates a new kind of romantic music, one in which lovely melodies meet raucous noise, hand-played drum machines meet banjo and synthesizer, fragile sopranos meet blustery baritone, and boy meets girl. Most of the songs on this album are Worlds of Love originals, but we were inspired by Jo Stafford to record You Belong to Me, and by Francoise Hardy to record two of her songs, In The Sky and Et Meme, as a medley. Boy/Girl, Boy/Boy, Girl/Girl, Parent/Child, Person/Place, etc. There are many worlds of love, and these are but a few of them".
(original 1989 LP liner notes)

"The songs on the [Worlds of Love] album work as adult, if weird, love songs. They’re funny, a reimagining of Weill, children’s songs and pop, all processed through a synthesizer swirl and informed with free improvisation (...) an act of reclamation, mixing pop music with noise and turning them into something new. The noise of urban life is tamed and used; the effluvium of mainstream music, where love song after love song is mass produced, is made sensible by music that both appreciates and pokes fun at the process".
(Peter Watrous, New York Times)


You Belong To Me