JAZZATEERS - I Shot the President MP3/Flac

Original recordings 1982-1987
Compilation CD Marina Records 1997

"The album you are listening to is by a guitar group called the Jazzateers. The music isn't new - it was mostly recorded between 1983 and 1987 (that's after New Romantics and before New Psychedelia). We were a guitar group who liked being a guitar group - when we played live people who liked it, liked it and those who didn't, didn't. We liked Neil when he was Young, Brian when he was Wilson and Glasgow was the city we grew up in. We didn't travel all that far - but we knew the world from comics, movies and records. Jazzateers didn't play live a lot - but we always wrote songs. Some of those songs are on this album and you may have heard a couple before - others, though, you most definitely won't have. Some I even have trouble remembering and I helped write most of them. I hope you enjoy it - I did".
(Ian Burgoyne, CD liner notes)


Sixteen Reasons