Johnny Hates Jazz - The Video Singles 1987-1991 MP3/Flac

Johnny Hates Jazz - The Video Singles 1987-1991

Johnny Hates Jazz - The Video Singles 1987-1991

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This British trio belonged to the third wave of British artists that emerged in the second half / late 80's and attracted to the purely commercial quickly perceived, melodic, and where even the corny pop compositions. Johnny Hates Jazz had a very respectable appearance, and sang soft music in the style of pop-soul with a strong emphasis on electronic keyboards. Unfortunately for them, despite their relative success overseas, they, like their eminent countrymen Spandau Ballet, could not conquer the U.S. music market because of the impression made their first American hit, turned out to be probably too soft for tamoshnego the listener, resulting in the rest of their work were interpreted in this light.

Johnny Hates Jazz was formed in 1986 by Clarke Datchlerom (Clark Datchler) - vocals, keyboards, Calvin Hayes (Calvin Hayes) - keyboards and Mike Bears (Mike Nocito) bass guitar. Its unusual name members of the group came up with in honor of his friend, who could not stand jazz. His first single "Me and My Foolish Heart," the trio recorded in the same year, RAK Records and after its release, young people tried to sign a contract with a major label. Surprisingly, their contract with Virgin Records, signed in late 1986, they got after the presentation was held at the Jazz Club. The debut single for Virgin "Shattered Dreams" immediately brought them to the rank of Star in 1987. Track immediately rocketed to the top world music charts, reaching 5 position in England and became 2 in America. Though subsequent singles Johnny Hates Jazz success in the U.S. had, in Britain they invariably fall into the charts: songs "I Don't Want to Be a Hero," "Turn Back the Clock," "Heart of Gold," and "Don ' t Say It's Love "followed" Shattered Dreams "literally occupied the British charts in 1988. The debut LP of Turn Back the Clock, appeared in the same year, several times platinum on both sides of the Atlantic.

Despite the overwhelming success, Datchler left the group, citing the fact that other members misinterpret it, the deeper he thought of the composition. His solo record Raindance came in 1990, without, however, with little success. Hayes and is replaced Datchlera producer Phil Thorniley, and released in 1991, the next album, Tall Stories, which is a stylistic copy of its predecessor. Despite the fact that the sound of the disc is no different from the release of three years ago, the fashion for this kind of music was held in the disc sales fell. Shortly thereafter, Johnny Hates Jazz broke up.

Rare clips of one of the best pop groups of the 80's ... DVDRip with a DVD which in turn is VHSRip, so that better quality is not found. I recommend to all who nostalgic for the romantic 80th ...


1. Shattered Dreams (USA Version) (1987)
2. Shattered Dreams (UK Version) (1987)
3. Heart Of Gold (1988)
4. Don't Say It's Love (1988)
5. Turn Back The Clock (1988)
6. I Don't Want To Be A Hero (UK Version) (1988)
7. I Don't Want To Be A Hero (USA Version) (1988)
8. Let Me Change Your Mind Tonight (1991)

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