Edda Dell'Orso - Al Cinema con Edda Della'Orso (2002) MP3/Flac

Edda Dell'Orso - Al Cinema con Edda Della'Orso (2002)

Italian Pop, Oldies, OST
MP3 320 Kbps (preset insane), 174 Mb

Edda Dell'Orso (born Edda Sabatini, February 16, 1935, Genoa, Italy) is an Italian singer, especially known for her collaboration with composer Ennio Morricone for which she provided wordless vocals to a large number of his film scores.

Dell'Orso provided also vocals to film scores of other Italian composers such as Bruno Nicolai, Piero Piccioni, Luis Bacalov and Roberto Pregadio.

Her name is synonymous with Morricone and in particular, the film scores of the original spaghetti westerns of Sergio Leone, such as A Fistful of Dollars, The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly and Once Upon A Time In The West, where her dramatic voice was deployed as an instrument for the first time and to revolutionary effect.


01. Deserto Di Fuoco (Main Titles) (2:07)
02. L'eta Dek Malessere (Main Theme) (1:48)
03. Le Due Stagioni Della Vita (Main Theme Alt. Version) (1:42)
04. Gott Mit Uns (Lontano) (2:46)
05. C'era Una Volta Il West (Edda's Cover Version) (3:07)
06. La Cugnia (Main Theme) (4:11)
07. Il Commissario Pepe (Love Is A Woman) (2:33)
08. Vedo Nudo (Ornella) (2:05)
09. Veruschka (Main Theme) (6:48)
10. La Volpe Dalla Coda Di Velluto (Main Theme Edda's Version) (2:25)
11. Diavolo Nel Cervello (Main Theme Alternate Version) (2:53)
12. Il Vichingo Venuto Dal Sud (Incontro Infornale) (2:42)
13. Lo Straniero (Main Theme - Alternate Version) (1:49)
14. Agente Speciale Lk Oper. Re Mida (Main Theme Edda's Version) (1:23)
15. I Giovani Tigiri (Abigaille) (2:46)
16. La Supertestimone (The Key Witness - Main Titles Theme) (3:34)
17. I Bambini Ci Chiedono Perche (Finale) (1:54)
18. Kill (To Jean) (3:10)
19. Eva, La Venere Selvaggia (Main Titles) (1:29)
20. Veruschka (Stage Ver - Edda's Solo Voice - At The '68 Rec. Ses.) (1:54)
21. Vedo Nudo (Let's Find Out - Edda's Sexy Version) (0:23)
22. L'eta Del Malessee (Edda's Solo Voice - At The '68 Rec. Ses.) (1:24)
23. Ciao Gulliver (Edda At The 1970 Recording Session) (5:08)

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