Jimmy Ruffin - Greatest Hits LP - 1974 MP3/Flac

Jimmy Ruffin - Greatest Hits LP - 1974

What Becomes Of The Broke Hearted (45 Mix)
Don't you Miss Me A Little Bit Baby (45 Mix)
As long as There Is L-O-V-E
I'll Stay Forever My Love (45 Mix)
Baby, I've Got It
I've passed This Way Before (45 Mix)
Don't Let Him Take Your Love From Me
World So Wide, Nowhere To Hide (From My Heart)
Gonna Give Her All The Love I've Got (45 Mix)
Let's Say Goodbye Tomorrow
It's wonderfun (To Be Loved By You)
Farewell Is A Lonely Sound (45 MIx)
Living In a World I Created For Myself
Maria (You Were The only One)
Stand By Me
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