Singles Going Single #155 - The Evergreen Trio 7" (1999, Rosewood Union) MP3/Flac

Early in 2009 I shared two albums from , a Chicago area band/bedroom project helmed by one Joe Reina.  Those two Evergreen Trio titles, For All Intents and Purposes and Lift Up Your Voice (which are still available via the hyperlink above) were precursors to Reina's next endeavor, The Braves, who's tremendously affecting music I may highlight on here at a later time.  For now there's this single, which appears to be the first publicly issued salvo from the ET canon.  On these two tracks, Reina is accompanied by four other players, including Jake Carter who mans a painfully prominent drum machine.  While we're on that subject, the metronome-perfect percussion the Trio espouses doesn't blend so well with the strain of insular and pensive indie rock they strive to emanate, but while the A-side "Some Other December" is nothing to die for, they redeem themselves big time on the other side of the coin.  Reina belts out a seriously wailing vocal hook on “Once an Anchor,вЂ� and a damn emotive one at that, almost giving away the whole song at it’s very onset.  Not that I’m complaining, especially with such gratifying results.  Despite the pesky surface noise, the magic is undiminished.  For an alternate assessment of this record proceed here.

To get the gist of Joe Reina's bigger and better subsequent band The Braves who I mentioned above, visit their Bandcamp page. 

A. Some Other December
B. Once an Anchor