Let's Active - Demos 1983-85 MP3/Flac

Call it on Christmas, call it Big Plans for those of you who still have Afoot hold on one of the brightest guitar-pop beacons of the 1980s - or why don't we just call it my holiday gift to you?  This collection of vintage  Let's Active demos is my annual BFD holiday upload to all you aficionados of Wilfully Obscure.  Believe it or not, I've been sitting on these for a couple of years now, just waiting for the appropriate moment to unleash them, and what better time than now?  If you have the original albums, you'll want to lay your ears on these (although the variations between the demos and the finished product are occasionally minimal, esp when it comes to some of the and Big Plans... tracks).  For those unacquainted with Mitch Easter and Co., these collections aren't a bad jumping off point.  There's more where these came from as well, predating the Afoot ep, and perhaps even more Cypress-era material that I may get around to sharing later.  Back in the mid-'00s there was brief talk of a Let's Active box set, but sadly nothing came of it.

I separated these demos chronologically by album.  Let's Active bowed with Afoot in 1983, then came their full length debut Cypress a year later, with Big Plans for Everybody hitting the shelves in 1986.  By far and away this was the cream of LA's proverbial crop, and it's some of finest music of their era, period.  Bon appetit.

Room With a View/Make Up With Me/Co-star/Counting Down/Leader of Men/In Between

Cypress demos:
Ring True/Flags for Everything/Prey/Easy Does/Gravel Truck/Whispered News/Lowdown/Counting Down/Ornamental/Grey Scale/Co-star/Waters Part/Blue Line

Big Plans Left Behind (Big Plans for Everybody) demos:
Still Dark Out/Last Chance Town/Writing the Book of Last Pages/Horizon/Won't Go Wrong/Reflecting Pool/Talking to Myself/I Feel Funny/Horizon/Writing the Book of Last Pages/Premonition/Reflecting Pool/Invisible Hills/Fell (inst)/Talking to Myself (inst)/Whispered News (inst)/Fell/Whispered News/Proposal (inst)/Explain (inst)