[HF] Healer Selecta - Let's Get It Started (2010) MP3/Flac

Healer Selecta - Let's Get It Started (2010)

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Healer Selecta - Let's Get It Started (2010)

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Artist: Healer Selecta

Album: Let's Get It Started

Label: Freestyle Records

Released: 08 Mar 2010

Genre: Funk / Soul, Latin, Reggae

Style: Afrobeat, Rhythm & Blues, Rocksteady

Format: mp3 320 kbit

Tracks: 10

Total Time: 40:34

Total Size: 95.6 Mb

"Healer Selecta (aka Yvan Serrano-Fontova) is bang in the zone with this fresh new offering. Chunky beats, Surf guitar, Boogaloo breaks, soul, rocksteady (you getting the idea? Eclectic!) It's all here and in fruitful abundance. This kid does not let up his schizoid tastes make him more varied than a kelloggs variety 12 pack".Blues & Soul magazine (Emrys Baird)

"An album that takes in Afrobeat, reggae, soul and even surf guitar. The musical metissage works to perfection on 'Melting pot' with percussion courtesy of Snowboy and vocals reggae DJ style from Asher Storm wheareas on 'Foundation of love' it is Brazilian percussion meets Afrobeat with an underlying piano and guitar vamp that does the business." Vibe UK (Tim Stenhouse)

"Packs a punch of fun and joy!!" (Diesler)

"A fantastic release on Freestyle and love the mix between funk, latin and breakbeat. This album is at thetime the best i heard this year!" Innervision Records (Ed Royal)

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1. You Are Listen To (3:52)

2. Let's Get It Starter (3:29)

3. Melting Pot (4:12)

4. Twangy Batucada (2:34)

5. Sweet Lil Thang Of Mine (7:35)

6. Rock A Rolla Boogaloo (3:07)

7. Foundation Of Love (4:06)

8. Tura Stomp (3:31)

9. Cuban Proyect (3:54)

10. Cruisin' On The Highway (4:14)

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