Madness - The Rise And Fall (1982) MP3/Flac

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01 Rise And Fall
02 Tomorrow's Just Another Day
03 Blue Skinned Beast
04 Primrose Hill
05 Mr Speaker Gets The Word
06 Sunday Morning
07 Our House
08 Tiptoes
09 New Delhi
10 That Face
11 Calling Cards
12 Are You Coming (With Me)
13 Madness (It's All In The Mind)

The seven-piece's nutty ska sound is buoyed by some genuinely endearing melodies, suggesting that Madness were far more clever than their whimsical hit made them out to be. "Tomorrow's Just Another Day" rolls along on a warm, ascending melody, while "Primrose Hill" sounds a touch classical, as crisp horns waltz and a jumpy piano rhythm pushes the song along. The still-charming "Our House" serves as the disc's centerpiece...

Preview: Madness - Calling Cards: