Minutes After...- Minutes After... LP MP3/Flac

Been meaning to post this one for a while, but finally got around to ripping it. Random purchase, made a few months ago for a few dollars, based on the year (1988) and the cover artwork, and found it to be pleasant enough to rip and share with you all. Here we have the lone LP by a band called Minutes After..., a darkwave/post-punk band with a more melodic tone.

The closest touchtone I have for the band is a sadly defunct NYC band called Bell Hollow, who were in turn influenced by the likes of For Against, The Chameleons, and Sad Lovers and Giants. A few piano chords thrown in for good measure, as well as soaring vocals on every track. A few songs miss the mark here and there, but generally, a solid listen for fans of the more dreamy/ethereal side of post-punk. Here's the information:

Minutes After...- Minutes After... LP
1. Cracks Of Dawn
2. White Ceiling
3. Raining On Earth
4. Cradle To Crypt
5. Her ~ A Dream Without Sleep
6. The View From The Park

*download it here*