Toni Wine - Toni's Tune - River Deep - Mountain High MP3/Flac

Another one to file under "what the fuck"? Not sure who Toni Wine is but she is obviously one sick human. If this record was made for children then you will know what a sadistic person Toni was because this will only give your child NIGHTMARES! I can't even begin to understand that there are actually song writing credits as well, since the sounds are obviously that of one of Satan's haunted Jack-In-The Boxes! And just what is with the banging in the background? Caskets closing and babies yawning.... just weird man, weird....

It never ceases to amaze me how many screwy & fucked up records there are in the world and just what were these people thinking when they pressed them?

Happy Nightmares!!!

Edit: Here the Wiki Low Down on Miss : If you so desire... Oh yeah, and i just found out this is from 1967.

Toni Wine - Toni's Tune

Further edit for Mister Mark: I've added the flip!

Toni Wine - River Deep - Mountain High