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B.T. Express

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This funk-disco group was formed by Jeff Lane in Brooklyn during the '70s. They started in 1972 as the King Davis House Rockers, and later were called the Brooklyn Trucking Express. The roster consisted of saxophonist/vocalist Bill Risbrook, percussionist Dennis Rowe, guitarist Rick Thompson, saxophonist/flutist Carlos Ward, keyboardist Michael Jones (Kashif), lead guitarist/vocalist Wesley Hall, drummer Leslie Ming, bassist, organist and vocalist Louis Risbrook, and vocalist Barbara Joyce Lomas. Their debut LP Do it ('Til You're Satisfied) had two number-one R&B and Top Ten pop hits in the title cut and "Express." Subsequent LPs yielded two more R&B Top Ten singles, "Give It What You Got/Peace Pipe" in 1975 and "Can't Stop Groovin' Now, Wanna Do It Some More" in 1976. After 1977's "Shout It Out," which cracked the R&B Top 20 (number 12), the group slumped with the album Shout! They were off the charts until 1980. They made a slight comeback that year with B.T. Express 1980, though only the single "Give Up the Funk (Let's Dance)" made it into the Top 40 (number 24). They later recorded for Record Shack, Earthtone, and King Davis, but couldn't duplicate their earlier success. Kashif scored hits as a producer, performer, and composer in the '80s. Allmusic by Ron Wynn

Album: Do It 'Til You're Satisfied (1974)


01. Do It
02. Do You Like It
03. That's What I Want For You
04. This House Is Smokin'
05. Express
06. If It Don't Turn You On
07. Once You Get It
08. Everything Good To You
09. Mental Telepahy


Album: Non Stop (1975)


01. Peace Pipe
02. Give It What You Got
03. Discotizer
04. Still Good--Still Like It
05. Close To You
06. You Got It--I Want It
08. Happiness
07. Devil's Workshop
08. Happiness
09. Whatcha Think About That


Energy to Burn (1976)


01. Depend on Yourself
02. Can't Stop Groovin' Now, Wanna Do It Some More
03. Now That We've Found Love
04. Energy to Burn
05. Time Tunnel
06. Make Your Body Move
07. Herbs
08. Energy Level


Album: Function At The Junction (1977)


01. Funky Music
02. Expose Yourself
03. Scratch My Itch
04. Eyes
05. We Got It Together
06. Sunshine
07. The Door To My Mind
08. Star Gazer
09. How Big Can You Dream


Album: Shout! (1978)


01. Shout It Out
02. What You Do In The Dark
03. Put It In The Pocket
04. I Want You With Me
05. Shake It Off
06. You Got Something
07. Look At The People
08. It's In Your Blood
09. Ride On BT


Album: 1980 (1980)


01. Takin' Off
02. Heart Of Fire
03. Does It Feel Good
04. Give Up The Funk (Let's Dance)
05. Closer
06. Have Some Fun
07. Better Late Than Never
08. Funk Theory


Album: Keep It Up (1982)


01. This Must Be The Night
02. Can't Stop Groovin' Now, Wanna Do...
03. Energy to Burn
04. Keep It Up
05. Time Tunnel
06. Dancing Dream
07. Make You Body Move
08. Energy Level


Album: The Best of B.T. Express (1993)


01. Do It ('til You're Satisfied)
02. This House Is Smokin'
03. Express
04. If It Don't Turn You On (You Oughta' Just Leave It Alone)
05. Once You Get It
06. Mental Telepathy
07. Give It What You Got
08. Peace Pipe
09. Close To You
10. Can't Stop Groovin' Now, Wanna Do It Some More
11. Energy To Burn
12. Shout It Out
13. Give Up The Funk (Let's Dance)
14. Does It Feel Good
15. Stretch


Album: 24 Street Funk Classics From Brooklyn's Finest (2007)



01. Peace Pipe [Tom Moulton Mix]
02. Discotizer
03. You Got It, I Want It
04. Do It ('Til You're Satisfied)
05. Shout It Out
06. Whatcha Think About That
07. If It Don't Turn Me On (You Oughta Leave It Alone)
08. Make Your Body Move
09. Give Up The Funk (Lets Dance)
10. Still Good, Still Like It
11. Devil's Workshop
12. Herbs


01. Express
02. The House Is Smokin'
03. Time Tunnel
04. Can't Stop Groovin' Now
05. It's In The Blood
06. Hearts Of Fire
07. Funk Theory
08. Energy To Burn
09. Energy Level
10. Happiness
11. Depend On Yourself
12. Give It What You Got



The album code is : ODI172177

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