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The son of O'Jays founder Eddie Levert, R&B vocalist Gerald Levert launched his own recording career in the mid-'80s as the leader of the group LeVert. Rounding out the group was another one of Eddie Levert's sons, Sean, in addition to member Marc Gordon, as the trio issued such popular recordings as 1985's I Get Hot, 1986's Bloodline (which spawned the number one hit single "Pop Pop Pop Goes My Mind"), 1987's The Big Throwdown, and 1988's Just Coolin', as the latter two releases earned gold certification. By the '90s, Gerald began to split his time between LeVert and a burgeoning solo career (including a collaboration with his father, titled Father and Son), as LeVert released such further hit albums as 1990's Rope a Dope Style, 1993's For Real Tho', and 1997's Whole Scenario. 2001 saw the release of a 14-track compilation of LeVert's hits, The Best Of, on Rhino Records. Allmusic by Greg Prato

Album: I Get Hot (1985)


01. Exciting Lady
02. I'm Still
03. I Get Hot
04. I Want Too
05. All in the Way You Dance
06. Dancing With You
07. Melt
08. Jam


Album: Bloodline (1986)


01. (Pop, Pop, Pop, Pop) Goes My Mind
02. Fascination
03. Pose
04. I Start You Up, You Turn Me On
05. Kiss and Make Up
06. Let's Go Out Tonight
07. Grip
08. Looking For Love


Album: The Big Throwdown (1987)


01. Casanova
02. Good Stuff
03. Don't U Think It's Time
04. My Forever Love
05. Love The Way U Love Me
06. Sweet Sensation
07. In N Out
08. Temptation
09. Throwdown


Album: Just Coolin' (1988)


01. Pull Over
02. Just Coolin'
03. Gotta Get The Money
04. Take Your Time
05. Join In The Fun
06. Let's Get Romantic
07. Feel Real
08. Smilin'
09. Start Me Up Again
10. Loveable
11. Addicted to You


Album: Rope A Dope Style (1990)


01. Now You Know
02. Rope A Dope Style
03. Absolutely Positive
04. All Season
05. Rain
06. Nobody Does It Better
07. I've Been Waiting
08. Baby I'm Ready
09. Hey Girl
10. Give a Little Love


Album: For Real Tho' (1993)


01. Me 'N' You
02. Clap Your Hands
03. Tribute Song
04. Good Ol' Days
05. She's All That (I've Been Looking For)
06. For Real Tho'
07. Quiet Storm
08. Do The Thangs
09. My Place (Your Place)
10. Say You Will
11. ABC-123


Album: The Whole Scenario (1997)


01. Whole Scenario
02. Do It Right Here
03. You Keep Me Comin'
04. Tru Dat
05. Sorry Is
06. Swing My Way
07. Like Water
08. Keys To My House
09. Playground
10. I'll Get It Done
11. Ain't No Thang
12. Mama's House
13. Tru Dat (Hip Hop Remix)


Album: (The Best Of LeVert (2001)


01. (Pop, Pop, Pop, Pop) Goes My Mind
02. Casanova
03. My Forever Love
04. Just Coolin' (Extended Hip Hop Remix) - Featuring Heavy D
05. Addicted To You
06. Smilin'
07. Pull Over
08. Start Me Up Again
09. Rope A Dope Style
10. All Season
11. Baby I'm Ready
12. I've Been Waiting
13. Good Ol' Days (Single Remix)
14. ABC-123