Junior Byles - Beat Down Babylon'The Upsetter Years',Trojan Records 1987 MP3/Flac

A little reggae for your sunday evening perhaps ? Junior

Byles in his 'Upsetter Years'. With Lee Perry at the controls

in his very best years, it's like everything falls in it's place. One

song is more beautiful than the other on this superb compilation.

Steve Barrow did a great job here. 10 straight hits and two more

experimental tracks. ( No.s 11 & 12 ) An album not to miss I'd say.

As an extra bonus I have added tracks 15 and 16, have fun.


1 Beat down Babylon

2 Da da

3 I've got a feeling

4 Don't know why

5 Demonstration

6 Coming again

7 Joshua's desire

8 Place called Africa

9 Poor Chubby

10 A matter of time

11 Fun and games/Motion dub

12 Pretty fe true/Pretty dub

13 King of Babylon

14 Pharoah hiding/Hail to power

15 Curly locks

16 Fade away