Dr. Alimantado -Best Dressed Chicken in Town,Greensleeves 1978 MP3/Flac

Righteous Re-Post

Over two years ago, I was asked to remove some 13 reggae

albums from my page. This here LP is one of them. It is still

about the best I've ever heard. I am posting it again because

I feel it really belongs here among the music I love. If you think

that's wrong, tell me. I think it's wrong not to post it because

an album like this one deserves to get all the attention possible.

There are so many youths out there that can use a little education,

I am sure Greensleeves, one of the finest labels in Reggae music,

will sell more albums with this post than without. If you don't know

this LP, it's about time you get to know it !

Check out this fantastic reggae,

even Bob Marley was crazy about.

I quote All Music Guide;

" One-of-a-kind Jamaican DJ Dr. Alimantado found unexpected

fame with U.K. punks after Johnny Rotten bestowed his blessings.

The hoopla was certainly warranted based on the high quality of

his mid-'70s sides, several of which are included on Best Dressed

Chicken in Town. Handling production chores himself, Alimantado

enlisted top reggae engineers and producers like Lee "Scratch" Perry,

King Tubby, and Scientist to add their own alchemy to the mix.

The dub-inflected tracks and Alimantado's idiosyncratic musings

prove a potent combination, especially on standouts like "Poison Flower"

(a version of a Horace Andy vocal), the Rasta vengeance number

"I Killed the Barber," and the comically over-the-top title cut.

Other highlights include the bubbly "Unitone Skank,( end of quote )"


1 Best dressed chicken in town

2 Just the other day

3 Poison flour

4 Gimme my gun

5 I killed the barber

6 Unitone skank

7 Can't conquer natty dreadlocks

8 Ride on

9 Plead I cause

10 I shall fear no evil