Orchestre "Les Grands Maquisards",african 360.086, 1976 MP3/Flac

I already thought, "what a luck to find an album from

1976 in such great condition." and then I found a barcode

on the backsleeve. This must be a re-release from

some year in the digital era. Nevertheless, we are lucky

to have it I think, never saw it before anyway.

Orchestre Les Grands Maquisards was founded in

1969 by Ntesa Dalienst. With Camille Lokombe Nkalulu,

Diana Nsimba, Nkura, Jeef Mateta, Morendo and Michel

Mavatiku alias Michelino. No. 360.086 in the series.


1 Rosa

2 Marie-Pierre

3 Nakomeka zoto

4 Nawelanini ngai petrouele

5 2e bureau n'ganda

6 Diamante

7 Ida sambela ngai

8 Jaria