le Seigneur Rochereau et l'AfricanFiesta National - Tango ya ba Vieux Kalle no.2african 360.009, 1969 MP3/Flac

I am trying to write something with this post but I guess

it's not going to be much. I caught a cold and feel miserable.

I am ripping this LP to get some distraction. The music is

like a warm bath and makes me feel a little better. Besides,

an album like this one doesn't need a lot of recommendation.

It's a jewel and lovers will recognize it instantly, enjoy.


1 Minge rumba fiesta

2 Molangi ya malasi

3 Cubana vis-a-vis

4 Cafe Rio

5 Majolina

6 Jaloux jaloux

7 Suke

8 Dit coco

9 Djeke

10 Mama Ida

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