Hazell Dean - Best of Dj Only Remixes 1985-1991[Rare] MP3/Flac

Hazell Dean - "Best of Dj Only Remixes" 1985-1991

format: vinyl
style: Hi-NRG/Dance/italo-disco
note: an update of the compilation
that I did in 2007, with new tracks
and edits
Hazell Dean - Best of Dj Only Remixes 1985-1991[Rare]

01. stand up(Razormaid)
02. no fool(for love)(Disconet)
03. turn it into love(Disconet)
04. better off without you(Hot Tracks)
05. love pains(Disconet)
06. who's leaving who(Disconet)
07. maybe we should call it a day(Razormaid)
08. they say it's gonna rain1(Razormaid)
09. always doesn't mean forever(Razormaid)
10. image in the mirror(Hot Tracks)
11. e.s.p.(Razormaid)
12. you're my rainbow(Disconet) (bonus track)
compilation: rareartmap p:2010

(90 MB)
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