Deep Purple Live At Montreux 2006 720p Mkv Concert MP3/Flac

Deep Purple Live At Montreux 2006 720p Mkv Concert
Deep Purple Live At Montreux 2006 720p Mkv Concert
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Deep Purple Live At Montreux 2006 720p Mkv Concert

Almost 40 years after the band's original formation, Deep Purple is in fine form in They All Came
Down to Montreux. The band's history is intimately connected with the legendary Montreux Jazz
Festival (which also includes rock music), so it was only fitting that DP was invited to headline the
closing night of the festival's 40th anniversary on July 15, 2006. On disc 1 of this two-disc set,
DP's 100-minute Montreux gig is included in its entirety, and even those who prefer the band's
earlier "Mark II" lineup (which included previous keyboardist John Lord and guitarist Ritchie
Blackmore) will agree that this band can still rock your socks off. By the time keyboardist Don Airey
launches a playfully jazzy prologue to the band's biggest hit "Smoke on the Water" (a song inspired
by a spectacular fire that occurred while the band was preparing to record Machine Head in Montreux
in 1971), DP has the packed Montreux in an arm-waving state of hard-rock bliss.
While it's obvious that lead singer Ian Gillan's voice is not what it used to be (he's obviously
struggling with the high notes in "Highway Star"), he still makes it through the set with his vocal
cords intact, and he's got stellar support from Airey, bassist Roger Glover, drummer Ian Paice, and
guitarist Steve Morse (the latter joined DP in 1994), all delivering the kind of ace musicianship
that can only come from years of diligent touring. Morse is especially strong in this concert, while
Glover and Paice achieve a flawless symmetry of rhythm. And while this is essentially a "greatest
hits" gig, the performance of tracks from DP's 2005 release Rapture of the Deep suggests that this
band could be going strong for years to come, if fans don't mind the occasional misstep and a stage
full of aging rockers with expanding waistlines. As a bonus feature, 25 minutes of band interviews
are also included. Disc 2 features an hour-long gig from London's Hard Rock Caf?, recorded earlier in
2006. With the exception of two tracks ("I Got Your Number" and "Fireball"), it's a shorter version
of the Montreux set-list, more intimate in its club setting, but equally indicative of Deep Purple's
impressive longevity.

1. Pictures Of Home
2. Things I Never Said
3. Strange Kind Of Woman
4. Rapture Of The Deep
5. Wrong Man
6. The Well-Dressed Guitar
7. Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye
8. When A Blind Man Cries
9. Lazy
10. Keyboard Solo
11. Space Truckin'
12. Highway Star
13. Smoke On The Water
14. Hush
15. Too Much Fun
16. Black Night