DJITALO - Italodance Medley Mix MP3/Flac

DJITALO - Italodance Medley MixMixed by djiTalo
Made in USA
161 Mb


2-James Manoro - On My Mind
3-Ocean Wings - Loving in the snow
4-Aventura - Di Mi Quando
5-Fancy - Come Inside
6-Ranko - Happy World
7-Marc Fruttero - Disco Sylvia
8-Disco Bonus - Little Love
9-Modern Talking - Sweet Little Sheila
10-Baccara - I Do I Do
11-Marc Fruttero - Disco Sylvia (Beats)
12-Bad Boys Blue - Gimme Gimme Your Lovin
13-E.B.87 - Sing A Song
14-Dj's Project - How are you
15-Dj'a Project - Birthday Girl
16-Modern Talking - The Angels sing in New York City
17-Modern Talking - Don't Worry (Remix)
18-Joe Yellow - I'm Your Lover
19-Jules - I Want To
20-Electra - Cuando Cuando
21-Luca Coveri - Do it Again
22-Cosa Rosa - Toledo Girl
23-Fabian Nesti - Heigh Ho
24-Dyva - Memories
25-Riccardo Campa - Looking For A Way Out
26-Disco Bonus - Jeannie
27-The Models - Geronimo's Cadillac
28-Ken Laszlo - Atlantis is Calling
29-Rio - Beside You
30-Shanghai - Ballerina
31-Miko Mission - The World is You
32-Marc Fruttero - If You're Feeling Blue
33-Rio - Beside You (Beats)
34-Alan Fox - Please Don't Go
35-Charlie G - Llama L'amour
36-Hot Cold - I Can Hear Your Voice
37-Sir J - Sunny
38-Mike Rogers - Happy Moon
39-Squash Gang - I Want An Illusion
40-Robert Bravo - Love me like I do
41-Flexx - You'll Never Change No More
42-Fox the Fox - Precisous Little Diamond
43-Danny Keith - Love Me Again
44-Twilight - Sound Again
45-Reeds - In Your Eyes
46-Modern Talking - In Shaire
47-Mr Zivago - Little Russian
48-Klapto - Queen of the Night
49-Webo - Magic Moment
50-Modern Talking - Princess of the Night
51-Duke Lake - Dance Tonight
52-Mark - Dreamland
53-Tato - Crazy Boy
54-Lazarus - Wait (remix)
55-Fred Ventura - The Years
56-Roger Meno - What My Heart Wanna Say
57-D.Carred - You'll Be a Winner
58-P.Lion - Happy Children (Remix)
59-Bruno Mosti - Music of my star
60-Cruz - Just for You
61-Gazebo - I Like Chopin
62-Savage - Only You (Beats)
63-New Look - Stage
64-Savage - Only You
65-Miko Mission - Two for Love
66-Valerie Dore - It's So Easy
67-L.A. Messina - Day Dream
68-Bruno Mosti - Zero Gravity
69-Susanne Meals - Forever
70-Night Society - Hold Me Tight
71-Katy Gray - Hold Me Tight (samples)
70-Boys Next Door - Jenny
71-Modern Talking - Cheri Cheri Lady
72-Joe Lockwood - Hey You (beats)
73-Modern Talking - Hey You
74-C.C.Catch - Cause you are young
75-Madigan - Ice Cold Love (Remix)
76-G.J.Lunghi - Acapulco Nights
77-Cheaps - Kalisequencer story
78-Torrevado - Living A Shuttle
79-Wilson Ferguson - I'm Singing Again
80-Steve Allen - Letter From My Heart
81-London Boys - I'm gonna give my heart
82-Jimmy McFoy - hi Girl
83-Kado - Tonight
84-Camaro's Gang - Fuerza Major
85-Alan Cook - Do You Wanna Stay With Me
86-Duke Lake - Do You
87-Self Service - Special Night
88-Doctor Faust - A Whiter Shade of Pale
89-Modern Talking - Do You Wanna
90-Albert One - Hopes And Dreams
91-Tiziana Rivale - Telephone
92-Blue Chips - People from Ibiza
93-Vivien Vee - Higher
94-Humphrey Robertson - Don't stop Loving Me
95-jd Jaber - Don't Stop Loving
96-Vic Trick - I Want Some 1 2 Love
97-Duke Lake - Satisfaction, Love and Passion
98-Black Book - you Must Change (Mystery Woman)
99-Time - Selling Song
100-Thai Break - Flowers in the Rain (Remix)
101-George Aaron - Heaven (Clouds Mix sample)
102-Axodry - Surrender
103-Margie M. - China Boy
104-Alan Ross - Valentino Mon Amour
105-Venice At Night - Let The Specticle Begin
106-De De Mo - Cause I Need You, Cause I Love You
107-Ivan - Fotonovela
108-Jeanne Mas - Toute Premiere Fois
109-Alex C. - Fire
110-Kay Franzes - Shadow In The Night (Beats)
111-Del Faro - Bandiera La Playa
112-Tony Baron - Italian Dream
113-Jeannie - Freedom
114-Borneo - Time after Time
115-Alex C. - Tonight all Night
116-Styloo - Pretty Face
117-Finzy Kontini - Cha Cha Cha
118-Modern Talking - Good Girls go to heaven
119-Bad Boys Blue - Blue Moon
120-Witch Elizabeth - My Destiny (Beats Samples)
121-Split Mirrors - Voices
122-Camomilla - Queen of the Night
123-George Aaron - Heaven (Samples)
124-Gina T - Sayonara
125-Helicon - You See
126-Tiziana Rivale - Ash

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