Journey - Live in Houston 1981, The Escape Tour (1981) MP3/Flac

Journey - Live in Houston 1981, The Escape Tour (1981)
PAL DVD5 | English | 1 hour 29 mins | 720x576 | MPEG-2 @6900Kpbs | 4.36 GB
Audio #1: AC-3 @448Kpbs 6 CHs | Audio #2: PCM @1536Kpbs 2 CHs
Genre: Rock | Release date: November 15, 2005

Journey - Live in Houston 1981, The Escape Tour (1981)

Filmed by a four month-old MTV and just days into the band's first number one album Escape, Journey is at their peak. The recent addition of FM-friendly keyboardist/co-songwriter Jonathan Cain (fresh from the Babys) proved to be the final addition that the constantly changing concept band would need to crash both radio and retail charts. The concert DVD shows rows of fans in the same red-sleeved concert jerseys getting their fill of the hits "Don't Stop Believin'," "Stone in Love," "Who's Crying Now," "Open Arms," "Anyway You Want It," "Wheel In The Sky," and "Lights." Stage-wise, there is very little in terms of visual style with the exception of a few rows of gel lights to move with the music and a pair of spotlights that move with unlikely idols Steve Perry and Neal Schon. In this day and age of MTV Video Music Awards and TRL it is difficult to understand how a band of thirty-somethings in hiked-up blue jeans easily delivered the ballads to break young girls' hearts and the glass-pack rock to fuel young boys' Firebirds

Journey - Live in Houston 1981, The Escape Tour (1981)


01. Escape
02. Line of Fire
03. Lights
04. Stay Awhile
05. Open Arms
06. Mother, Father
07. Jonathan Cain Solo
08. Who's Cryin' Now
09. Where Were You
10. Steve Smith Solo
11. Dead or Alive
12. Don't Stop Believin'
13. Stone in Love
14. Keep on Runnin'
15. Neal Schon Solo
16. Wheel in the Sky
17. Lovin', Touchin', Squeezin'
18. Anyway You Want It