VHF- 1st Impressions LP MP3/Flac

I was going to wait until Monday came to post this one up, but news travels fast, and a few people are already asking for it. Up on the slab we have one of the rarest new wave records in existence, the elusive VHF LP. Not to be confused with the heavy metal band of the same name (though the logo looks conspicuously like Van Halen), this particular EP has more in common with Speak and Spell era Depeche Mode, Erasure, and soulful synthpop in that vein.

This LP was released in the UK in 1984 on Pennine Records. A power pop single by Any Trouble was the label's only other release. Coincidentally, VHF has a bit of a power pop vibe going for it, instead employing a slew of synth leads and drum machines in that minimal style we all love to get the job done. A curious mix, which generally works.

This doesn't complete the VHF saga though... There's a 7'' out there for the title track, which I believe features an exclusive b-side. Maybe we'll hear that one some day, but in the interim, here's the info for this 'holy grail' of rare wave records:

VHF- 1st Impressions LP
1. The Peril Of Passion
2. Let Me Fall
3. Smile On Demand
4. No Surprise
5. I Know You Wanna Say Goodbye
6. Don't Call Me
7. First Impressions
8. Key To My Heart
9. Our Love Is Undecided
10. Mirage
11. Counting The Days
12. Replacement Heart

*download it here*