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B-Movie- Early Singles

B-Movie- Early Singles

Blues , Love, Latino
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When I think of the best UK bands, few spring to mind quicker than B-Movie. I've covered them twice here before, once with their 1985 LP Forever Running and then a few years later with their unstoppable Nowhere Girl 12''. I've been meaning to upload their earlier singles for some time now, probably years, but it just slipped through the cracks. I hope you'll forgive me, folks.

That said, contained within this zip file is the majority of B-Movie's early works, starting from their first 12''s in 1980 and spanning until 1982. Quite a prolific period for the band, with most of their best songs being issued in this two year time period. I've left out the original 12'' I covered, which you can get here, but I have included the b-side to the 7'' and certain 12'' editions. Here's the rundown:


B-Movie- Take Three 7'' (1980)
1. The Soldier Stood Alone
2. Drowning Man
3. Soundtrack


B-Movie- Nowhere Girl (1980)
1. Nowhere Girl
2. This Still Life
3. Institution Walls
4. Airplanes & Mountains
5. Left Out In The Cold
6. Remembrance Day


B-Movie- Remembrance Day 12'' (1981)
1. Remembrance Day
2. Institution Walls (Remix)


B-Movie- Marilyn Dreams 7'' (1981)
1. Marilyn Dreams
2. Film Music Part 1
bonus- Marilyn Dreams (Extended Version)- from 12''


B-Movie- Nowhere Girl 7'' (1982)
1. Nowhere Girl (Short Version)
2. Scare Some Life Into Me

*download it all here*

Again, in case you missed them the first time- here's the full Nowhere Girl 12'' (including the 12'' extended mix) and their 1985 LP, Forever Running.
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The album code is : ODI171145

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