INDK - Kill Whitey! (2002) MP3/Flac

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01 In Decay
02 Rent For Sale
03 You're Late
04 All 41
05 East Coast Rising
06 Sunday Bombs
07 Off The Scope
08 Set-Up
09 King In Disguise
10 Moonwalk Mafia
11 Rallying Point
12 Crack Squad
13 Start It Up
14 Killing Is Contagious

From the ashes of Choking Victim two bands were born, Leftover Crack and INDK. INDK continues to blaze the trail that Choking Victim started, only making it heavier and even more melodic. "Kill Whitey" displays some of the catchiest punk rock songs you'll ever hear...

Preview: INDK - Crack Squad: