Buck-O-Nine - Libido (1999) MP3/Flac

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01 Who Are They
02 Tell It Like It Was
03 Something Funny
04 Falling Back To Sleep
05 Swimming In Sand
06 Sunlight
07 Awkward Girl
08 Headlines
09 Alot In My Head
10 Here We Go Again
11 All Along
12 On A Sunny Day
13 Pigeonhole Disease

On their fourth full-length release, San Diego's Buck-O-Nine continue to trace the ska-punk revolution from its '70s roots to its '90s incarnation. With a robust horn section bopping alongside their breakneck reggae rhythms, Buck-O-Nine's lead singer Jon Pebsworth struts his stuff in a voice that would make Joe Jackson proud. While the punk spirit on this CD is often eclipsed by the band's feel good melodies, Libido is still an extra-energetic foray into modern ska...

Preview: Buck-O-Nine - Alot In My Head: