59 Times The Pain - End Of The Millennium (1999) MP3/Flac

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01 Working Man Hero
02 Me Against The World
03 Turn At 25th
04 Priority #1
05 Need No Alibi
06 Weakend Revolution
07 Found Home
08 Broken Unity
09 Got It All In Sight
10 Make It Go Away
11 Daily Mind Distortion
12 Clear Enough
13 Punkrock College (On With The Show)

The storming Epitaph debut by Swedish punk revivalists 59 Times the Pain demonstrates the band's angry, breakneck and in-your-face hardcore, with an interesting addition of streetpunk and oi! Influence, and even a bit of Ramones (just check out the album title) thrown in...

Preview: 59 Times The Pain - Broken Unity: