Electric Frankenstein - Listen Up, Baby! (1998) MP3/Flac

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01 Listen Up, Baby
02 Neurotic Pleasures
03 Hostage Situation
04 Social Infections
05 Hammered
06 Takin' It All
07 Rocket In My Veins
08 You're So Fake
09 Perfect Crime
10 Nail It Down
11 Rock N' Roll Is Dead
12 Final Damnation
13 Crank Action

By the time Listen Up Baby! was originally recorded, Electric Frankenstein was already well known for spearheading the real punk n' roll revival here in the states. Listen Up Baby! was an important moment as it marked the return of singer Steve Miller to the lineup and also showcased the band on what is often considered to be one of their finest efforts. It was EF in top form, churning out high energy, no frills rock n' roll...

Preview: Electric Frankenstein - Crank Action: