The Feelies - Crazy Rhythms (1980) MP3/Flac

The Feelies - Crazy Rhythms (1980)

01 The Boy With The Perpetual Nervousness
02 Fa Ce-La
03 Loveless Love
04 Forces At Work
05 Original Love
07 Moscow Nights
08 Raised Eyebrows
09 Crazy Rhythms
10 Paint It Black

In short: The Feelies play The Beatles as themselves: melody razed away, harmony dispatched, good times absent. The song is pared to its repetitive essence, essentially one chord played insistently; turned into pure rhythm. To 'flesh' things out, they add only more rhythm: bang on coat racks, cans, woodblocks, castanets, and maracas; achieving not a sense of harmony, but cacophony, in which the polyrhythms seem to ratchet up the tension even more...

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