Newtown Neurotics - The Punk Collection (2001) MP3/Flac

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01 Hypocrite
02 You Said No
03 When The Oil Runs Out
04 Oh No
05 Kick Out The Tories
06 Mindless Violence
07 Licensing Hours
08 No Sanctuary
09 Wake Up
10 The Mess
11 Get Up And Fight
12 No Respect
13 Agony
14 Newtown People
15 Does Anyone Know Where The March Is
16 Life In Their Hands
17 My Death
18 Living With Unemployment
19 Blitzkrieg Bop
20 Hypocrite (New Version)
21 I Remember You
22 Suzi Is A Heartbreaker
23 Fools

This band really captured the spirit of the 80s. Raw Clash style music or even early Police played with the anger that many in that time felt. In fact, if all so-called punk bands had this group's wit, intelligence, humor, mod/soul influences, and - most of all - burning passion and commitment, no one would ever associate the genre with anything but these valorous qualities...

Preview: Newtown Neurotics - Does Anyone Know Where The March Is: