Jan Akkerman Feat. Matt Schofield - Live At De Bosuil MP3/Flac

Unbelievable guitar playing from Jan Akkerman on this great album. There are many, many great guitarists on the music scene today. We are forever reading polls about "the world's greatest guitar player", "the greatest guitar player of all time", ad nauseam.alt The debate on this subject will go on forever. Every music fan has his/her own favorite. There are so many musical genres, and guitar styles and techniques, that it is not possible to say who the "best" player is. "Greatest", and "best" are very general words. The late Jimi Hendrix was a great guitarist. Was he the best? Likewise, the late Rory Gallagher was an astonishingly good player. Was Rory the greatest? One thing is for sure, - Jan Akkerman is a guitar genius. There is no style that he can't play, whether it be rock, Spanish, jazz, or blues. He can do things on a fretboard that should be impossible to do, but Jan plays these "impossibilities" effortlessly. On this live album he proves the amazing depth and skill of his techniques. The brilliant guitarist, Matt Schofield guests on track 7. Matt can certainly be added to the list of great guitarists, as In 2007, Guitar & Bass Magazine selected him as one of the "Top 10 British Blues Guitarists of All Time".