Ronald van Gelderen - Dirty Rocker MP3/Flac

Ronald van Gelderen - Dirty Rocker

[b]Ronald van Gelderen, after having a rather drastic image change from mild-mannered Dutchman to make-up caked punk rocker, has been pumping out some downright filthy tech-trancers, each one graced with his own unique vocals. His latest, Dirty Rocker, again on High Contrast, pushes his vocals in new, and very different territory. I first heard this record in demo form in his set at the South West 4 afterparty and in quite confounded this audience, lets just say it is a love or hate record. After seeing it get one of the biggest reactions at the DJ Mag Awards when Sander van Doorn dropped it, it has definitely grown on people. Let??™s examine it in more detail…

Original Mix

A minimal beat with short sweeps serves as the base for unique vocals. Spoken in a Streets-style, to be blunt they are very clich??d and trite and trying too hard to be controversial, but in a club situation, they really work. A rolling groove then develops building with layers of percussion, which then drops away for a reprisal of the vocals. Van Gelderen then unleashes a pounding rhythm, with a delicate, twinkling melody beginning to build in with short samples of the vocals. Into the break, the melody continues with another reprisal of the vocals. Then a filthy, Marcel Woods style riff cuts through, somewhat unexpected and out of place in the production. The