Atlantic/Pacific - Meet Your New Love (2010, No Sleep) - a brief evaluation MP3/Flac

With a roster boasting theВ alumni of such cult-favorite post-hardcore troupesВ as and Rival Schools, are a mini-supergroup of sorts, comprised of two notВ so super well known proprietors,В specifically Garrett Klahn and Ian Love of the aforementioned groups respectively.В  Actually, toss in a third guy, John Herguth of the shamefully overlooked House and Parish, and voila, it's trifecta time, but if it's a slam-bam power trio you're licking your chops over you better run for that drool rag.В  Rhythmically limber, subtly executed, and unmistakably insular, MeetВ Your New LoveВ is a radically different beast than the former achievements it's architects lay claim to, lendingВ itself more toВ the tenor of any given Spinanes album thanВ yourВ favorite Samiam or Jawbreaker platter.В В 

There's something inherentlyВ contemplative wending it's way throughВ Atlantic/Pacific'sВ pensive and often empathetic notions, particularly theВ onesВ invokedВ on the firstВ half ofВ New Love. For followers ofВ Klahn's andВ Love's past endeavors, the sonic innovationsВ here,В hushed and textured as they may be, are bound to be a bit startling.В  ByВ mid-album, starting with "Picture Perfect," the tempos gracefullyВ advance into higher gear, and Klahn's and Herguth's harmonies beginВ to solidify, albeit gradually.В  In fact, theВ latter portion of the record comes bristling to life with bolder, more pronounced instrumentation, withВ the chiefВ highlight beingВ  "The Latest," a song that plays out like Oasis' should'veВ been follow-up to "Wonderwall,"В coupling asВ a sweet throwback to Garrett's Brit Pop-ish,В late '90sВ outfit, the New Rising Sons.В В 

As goes theВ chorus in "Darling Disappear,"В В Meet Your New Love is in a nutshell, "Easy enough to obtain/harder than most to explain," and thoughВ it may take a few spins to truly adhere, the beauty is that no familiarization of the much more vigorous antecedent bands A/P's members sprang from is required to appreciate it.В  Hear for yourself by streaming "Patterns" and "Some Weary Valentine" overВ here.В В В