Fingers - Video Games ep (1982, AXO) MP3/Flac

Power pop!В  Now this was a worthwhile purchase.В  Came acrossВ Video GamesВ on Ebay a few months back and snatched it up sound unheard, insteadВ putting total faith in theВ seller's comparisons to Shoes and another band or two from the same era.В  Shoes theyВ ain't, but the FingersВ gesture their furthermost extremities in the direction of 20/20, Off Broadway, The Bats (US), andВ dare I even suggest Rick Springfield?В В  At any rate, I'm certainly impressed, and like any band worth it's salt. theyВ save their most potentВ number for the grand finale.В  "I Wanna Be Like You" exhibits an irresistible punky thrust thatВ naggingly recalls the Knack's "Good Girls Don't."В  There are aВ handful of Fingers videos onВ YouTube, one of which I've pastedВ below.В В An utter and unmistakable product of it's era.В  Guitarist Dave Medford has evidentlyВ departed this mortal coil.В В 

01. Video Games
02. Don't Call Me
03. Hold Out
04. She Won't Dance
05. Dangerous Life
06. I Wanna Be Like You