Stuntman - s/t (1995, Link) MP3/Flac

Enter 1995 and the era of Stuntman, who's nucleus was comprised of John Polle and originalВ Treepeep's guitarist Scott Schmaljohn.В  A new rhythm sectionВ featuringВ Sean M. Lennon on bass and Mike Rundle on percussionВ fleshed out the quartet, butВ despite the revampedВ lineup, Stuntman retained much of Treepeople'sВ dissonant and noisenik constructs, due in part to Schmaljohn's pronounced,В noodly fretwork.В В Their debut found theВ groupВ taking aВ page from Archers of Loaf sonic template, and ultimately Stuntman successfullyВ incorporatedВ some of thoseВ more tangentialВ facets thereofВ into the busy framework that longtime Treepeople enthusiasts are likely toВ recognizeВ here -В albeitВ conveyed via a different mouthpiece.

Stuntman released their second album, in 1997 on Mag Wheel Records.

01. Bleed
02. 8 Woman & 2 to 3 Men
03. Nighttime Theater
04. Slaves
05. Nose Dive
06. The Feminist
07. Take it Wrong
08. Wax Pattern
09. Before Going Under
10. The Devil
11. Good Enough