The Sights - So Much for Everlasting Love ep (1982) MP3/Flac

The Sights were yet another L.A. power pop-leaningВ combo that never quite graspedВ their proverbial fifteen minutes of fame,В though I hope the video for the winsomeВ title track (see below)В with all it's requisite, early '80s maneuvers made itВ into MTV's early morningВ rotationВ for at least aВ week or two.В  Ah yes, the decade that keeps on giving a fullВ generation after the fact.В  In all sincerity, "So Much..." is a really commendable song, easily an 8 outВ of 10 or better.В  Ranking just a notch down,В "Lead Me Down" resemblesВ a looser Plimsouls with some tasteful sax thrown in.В  The remaining numbers aren't quite as indelible, but not the least beat embarrassing either.В  blog has dedicated someВ laudatory and thoughtful textВ regarding this record, and I believe may still be hostingВ the most renown track fromВ it, but here's the whole shebang rippedВ by yours truly.В В В В В 

01. So Much for Everlasting Love
02. Lead Me Down
03. Wax Museum
04. Dirty Bop