Singles Going Single #147 - As Clear As Day "Some Excited Feeling" 7" (1984?, Rampant) MP3/Flac

Don't have an abundance of time for a write-up on this one, but conveniently there isn't much background info to be had on this Aussie quartet.В В Two slices of buoyant, indie jangle pop exhibiting faint shades of the Chills, and to a lesser degree XTC, not far removed from another Rampant Records band fromВ the sameВ era, The Odolites, who I've already dedicated entriesВ to.В В This 45 may orВ may not have beenВ allВ As Clear As Day had to offer the world during their presumably brief run.В  A not-so-smoothly edited liveВ clipВ of "Some Excited Feeling" is available at your leisure on .

A. Some Excited Feeling
B. Without Compromise