Field Trip - Beautiful (1989, Ruby/WB) MP3/Flac

Beautiful was (and for that matter still is) the rambunctious and raucous debut platter from Pleasanton, CA's longВ disregarded .В  It was the first of three F/T albums to enjoy distribution through Warner Brothers, but despiteВ having the backingВ of such a powerful and ubiquitous entertainment conglomerate, IВ never once encountered theВ quartet on radio or MTV.В  Trouser PressВ opines that "in a character-filled voice, guitarist/songwriter Jim Galbraith orients the rocking pop band towards Minneapolis..."В В In fact, the closest any Twin Cities luminaries come to informingВ Beautiful might be Soul Asylum, particularlyВ that band'sВ Twin/Tone-era output.В  A more accurate comparisonВ would beВ the ever snarky Too Much Joy, who Field Trip were actually labelmates with for a spell.В  Perhaps the Meat Puppets as well, but not so much.В  Though the Trip'sВ follow-up albums Headgear and Ripe were more finessed (and in the case of the latter, um, ripe), Beautiful offers plenty of frivolous and fun romps, with some occasional soul-searching musings.В 

01. Tunneling
02. Coming of Age
03. Cool Buzz
04. Can't Say No
05. Need a Break
06. No Friends
07. Run
08. Firecracker
09. Bleach My Soul
10. Where Did I Go Wrong?
11. Where's the Fire?