Einstein's Riceboys - Civil Rice (1983, QL) MP3/Flac

I didn't know much about this record going into it, but for some reason I had the notion that Civil Rice was going to have some serious full-tilt hardcore punk in store.В  Turns out I was only 9% on the mark, with merely the whirlwind, minute-plus "Black Fag"В matching the loud and fast ideal I had assumed was going to be theВ prevailing modus operandi here.В  Hailing from Milwaukee,В Einstein's Riceboys wereВ in actuality aВ synth-reared post-punk cabal, and not a very catchy one at that.В  Fusing together elements from their side of the pond (Devo, Pere Ubu)В and the other (Gang of Four), theВ Riceboys sport their homegrown, DIYВ tomfoolery toВ an iidiosyncratic fault.В  Civil Rice is an often incohesive, art-punk mess,В though not quite the full-on disaster that some of it'sВ sketchier moments lead you to believe is beckoningВ just around the corner.

01. Time and Insomnia
02. Vertigo
03. Massacre of Love
04. Living Screen
05. Morbid Orbit
06. Stranger in My Room
07. Overtown
08. Black Fag
09. Electric Chair
10. Bloated Life
11. Out of It