Singles Going Single #149 - Nine Lives 7" (1985, Cheshire) MP3/Flac

Here's aВ delightful single from a little spoken ofВ Allston, MA trio featuring the vocal stylings of one Cheryl E. Wanner, whoВ tilts more in the vicinity of Chrissie Hynde than Debbie Harry (though the premise ofВ "Shopping" is thoroughly frivolous in the manner of say, the Go-Gos).В  Bright, ringing guitar lines from axe-wielder Frank Gerace sweeten the pot.В  You can safely fileВ the catty Nine Lives under wave/power pop, though the group doesn't particularly strive to be either.В  Both Wanner and Gerace are still making music, which you can investigate .В 

A. Shopping
B. Dressed for Success