Singles Going SIngle #150 - Kustomized 7" (1994, Matador) MP3/Flac

To knowВ anything about is to know a thing or two about ringleader Peter Prescott, a bloke who was one of the driving forces behind seminal Boston post-punkers Mission of Burma, and laterВ a figureheadВ for the Volcano Suns.В  For a band on Matador Records, Kustomized (who also feature Bullet LaVolta alum Yukki Gipe, appearing hereВ under the nameВ Kurt Davis)В revel in the noisenik tantrums of many a HomesteadВ Records orВ Touch & GoВ conglomerate.В  Released as aВ precursor to the first proper Kustomized album, The Battle For Space, the A-side of this single, "The Day I Had Some Fun" raises an unholy racket, with frankly unappealing least on the initial spin.В  The real reason I came here was for two keyВ B-sides, both covers.В  First up is Wire's Pink Flag-era morsel, "Surgeon's Girl," immediately followed upВ by "Stranded,"В a sheer punk classicВ originating from Australia's pioneering Saints.В  As one might suspect, Kustomized don't outdo the real McCoy, butВ nonetheless doВ some seriouslyВ wailing and ragged justice to them.

A. The Day I Had Some Fun
B1. Surgeon's Girl
B2. Stranded