Didjits - Backstage Passout (1990) MP3/Flac

If you're aВ longtime fan, you're likely acquainted with this punishing live bootleg of their performance at London's Kilburn National from September 1990.В  As one of Champaign, IL's most valuable exports, the Rick Sims-helmed, four-on-the-floor power punkers, produced some truly bitchin' barnburners in their time, including such scorchingВ platters as Hey Judester, , and Full Nelson Reilly.В  I'd argue that Backstage Passout is as crucial as their studio output, being the utterly potent, white-hot live document that it is.В  This particularВ gig was in support of their then recently released Hornet Pinata LP, so naturally much of the setlist draws from it (and yes, it includes "Killboy Powerhead," the track the Offspring covered for a certain multi-million selling album in the mid-90s, earning Sims more thanВ a few martinis and a chaise lounge on the beach).В  Aside from the absence of "Sweet Sweet Satan," there's nothing to complain about here, and in fact, Passout ain't a bad place for newbies to get their first taste.В  Plenty of hotwired "car songs" here as well, so with that in mind, eat their dust!

01. Cutting Carol
02. Joliet
03. Killboy Powerhead
04. Gold Eldorado
05. Evel Knievel
06. Max Wedge
07. Stingray
08. Long Lone Ranger
09. Plate in My Head
10. Captain Ahab
11. Ax Handle
12. Goodbye Mr. Policeman